Fewa Lake

The second largest lake in the country covering an area of about 4.43 km2 (1.7 sq mi) is the center of attraction for every person visiting Pokhara. It is the largest among the eight lakes lying in Pokhara. One can sail or row a hired boat across the lake or visit Barahi Temple situated on the island located in the lake. The lake is ideal for relaxation, boating and viewing the mountains as well. One can also fish in the lake but be sure that you are fishing at the right place. Reflection of Macchapuchre (Mount Fishtail) in the lake makes you feel more exciting. So, don’t just read this, pack up your luggage and be there to exploit the natural beauty.The eastern shore of the lake, popularly known as lakeside or Baidam, is the favorite home base for travelers and consists of endless strip of lodges, restaurants, bookshops , souvenir shops, internetcafes etc.

Barahi Temple: Lying in the island of the middle of the Fewa Lake, the Barahi temple is the most important monument in Pokhara. This two-storyed pagoda is dedicated to the boar manifestation of' Ajima, representative of the force of Godess Durga. Barahi is pictured with the face of a boar with a cup in one hand and fish in the other .Devotees can be seen carrying male animals across the lake for sacrifice, especially on Saturdays. Set in stunning surroundings, many find Barahi Temple a peaceful place to relax as one can enjoy the green forest scenery just beyond the south end of the lake, full-scale scenery of the lake and amazing reflection of the Annapurna and Fishtail Mountains on the surface of the lake.

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